Just A Friend Sequel
Chris and Nikaiah have been through it all. Or so they thought. What will happen when hidden secrets come to the light. Will their marriage make it or will their relationship be over?

Just A Friend Sequel
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Chapter 10



“Heather talk to me.” Trell said as we walked in the  house. I just ignored him and went upstairs.

“So you just gon ignore me? Heather come on you being on some little kid shit.”

“What you wanna talk about Tarell? What? How you leaving to go see some nasty ass stripper? That’s what we talking about? Let me fucking know!”

“You don’t even know the whole damn situation.”

“So explain it to me. The fuck is you doing at Magic’s all the Goddamn time.”

“It aint even like that. I go to the strip club so what! What nigga don’t.”

“I don’t give a fuck about what every other nigga is doing. Every other nigga is not married to me.”

“You making more of the situation than you need to.”

“Bullshit. How would you feel if I was leaving to go see some random ass nigga all the time? You wouldn’t like that shit now would you?”

“Heather listen.”

“Fuck you I’m not listening to shit.“

“See that’s exactly why I fucking leave. You don’t listen. You take in what you want then dismiss the shit before I could finish talking.”

“So, you putting your fuck up on me? You cannot be fucking serious.”

“I aint putting shit on you. I’m telling you what it is.”

“Well tell me this. Did you fuck that bitch?”

“No!” I squinted my eyes at him and shook my head. “You don’t believe me?”

“No I don’t.”

“The fuck? How are you not gon believe me?”

“The fuck is you there for Tarell? The same bitch every time? You aint going there randomly you seeing that bitch for a fucking reason. What it is I don’t know but fuck it. You leave all the time right. Now I’m out right now.” I grabbed my car keys and left.

I drove straight to Ty and Zaria’s house. Why there I don’t know. I just had a strong feeling to go there.

When I pulled up I got out of my car and went up to the front door and I heard yelling.

“ZARA PUT THAT SHIT DOWN!” I heard Ty yell then I heard glass break.

“FUCK YOU! GET OUT MY HOUSE!” Zaria yelled back.

“Well damn.” I said before pressing the doorbell. I was there for a couple of seconds before the door opened with Ty behind it.

“Make her stop yo!” He yelled grabbing my arm and pulling me inside. I looked at Z and ducked when she threw a black vase towards him.

“Ty move I aint your damn shield.” I moved away from him and went over to where Z was. I grabbed her arms and pulled her out of the room before she could pick up something else. Glad I came over here. She probably would have killed his ass.

“Let me go Heather!” She screamed but I just pulled her into the hallway bathroom. I closed the door and looked at her.

“The hell you destroying your own house for?”

“Because he pissed me off. What the fuck is he doing in the studio with a bitch? The fuck? I’m here by myself with two kids while he’s “working” and he got another bitch! That’s fucked up!”

“I know how you think I’m feeling. We in the same boat right now but I’ll be damned if I fuck my own house up because of a dumb ass nigga. Chill out and breathe aight.” I said and she nodded.

“Get me the fuck up outta here before I lose it please.”

“Where the kids?”

“Still at his moms. Get me out of here.” I nodded and opened the bathroom door. When I did I grabbed her hand and we walked to the door.

“Z, where you going?” Ty came over and asked. She didn’t say to him. She just walked out of the door. “Zaria!” He yelled after her but she went to my car and got in.

“Ty just let her cool off before she kill yo ass.” I said and he sucked his teeth.

“She trippin for no reason. I aint even do shit.”

“Look Ty, that aint something I need to hear. Once she calms down. Tell her that.” I said to him then walked out the door and to my car. Once I got in I pulled off then glanced at her, She had her head against the window and I could tell by the look on her face she was fighting back tears. This was too much. Everything was fucked up.

“Z you good?” I asked while I drove.

“No, I knew there was a fucking reason why his ass was always late. It had to be some type of shit going on. I’m mad at myself for being off my shit and not figuring it out.”

“But how do you know he cheated?”

“No nigga keeps a bitch they not fucking a secret. If that aint the case why didn’t he just open up his damn mouth and say something? I don’t play that secret shit and he knows it so why he thought keeping something like a bitch with him in the studio is okay I don’t know. But enough about that nigga what’s up with you and Trell?”

“Shit. That’s exactly what it is. Shit. The hell he need to go to the strip club all the time for? I don’t give a fuck really, because it’s a strip club that’s what niggas do. But the fuck he need to go and see the same bitch every single time? Like the fuck? How many bitches work at Magic’s and you going there to see that one bitch all the time. The fuck type of shit is that.”

“You think he fucking her?”

“I don’t know. On one hand I’m like I know he aint that damn stupid. To cheat on me? Nah, he wouldn’t but then again you can’t put shit past a nigga. I mean look at Big Ant and his fucked up ass predicament.”

“See that’s the shit that got me nervous. Four kids, 34 fucking years with my aunt and he did that shit. If he can fuck all that up like that I know Ty can and it makes me nervous as shit.” She said and I nodded.

I think all of us kind of looked at Kai’s parents as something we wanted to reach. They been together for a long ass time. They have issues but they work through them. Plus Big Ant respects his wife. Or at least we thought so.

“Speaking of that, I wonder where Kai is.” I said and Zaria pulled her phone out. She called Kai’s phone then put it on speaker.

“Hello?” Kai said after she picked up after the fourth ring.

“You good?” I asked her.

“Not really, but I’ll deal with it.”

“You at your house?” Zaria asked her.

“Yeah, I just walked through the door.”

“Oh Chris there?” I asked.

“No I don’t know where he went. Y’all coming over?”

“Yeah we’ll be there in about ten minutes.” Zaria said to her.

“Alright the door will be unlocked.” She said and Z hung up. I drove to Kai’s house. Once we got there we walked inside and found her in one of their living rooms. Lord knows they got like four of them in this big ass house.

“Hey,” She said once she looked up.

“What’s wrong munchkin?” Zaria asked her as we sat down.

“Too much. My mother shot my father earlier.”

“Oh shit for real?” I asked shocked.

“Yeah in his arm though. I punched him in his face. Anthony was about to fight him. It was just crazy.”

“Damn. Where’s Chris?” Zaria asked and Kai shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know. He’s pissed at me. He thinks I had an abortion.”

“Did you?” Me and Z asked at the same time.

“Hell no. I went there with somebody else.”

“So tell him who.”

“I can’t. I promised her I wouldn’t say shit to nobody.”

“Kai, whoever it Is you protecting gon have to deal with the fact that your marriage has to come first. Don’t keep secrets from the person you with. You see where that shit got Michael and Trell.” Zaria told and I nodded.

“Exactly. Tell him. I mean the girl is grown so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s just it. She’s not grown and if certain people find out all hell is gonna break loose.”

“Wait what you mean she not grown. You went with some little girl to get an abortion?” I asked.

“It’s sounds worse than what it is. Yes and no. She thought she was pregnant but she wasn’t so no I didn’t go with her to get one really.”

“Kai who are you talking about?” Zaria asked her and she sighed.

“I’m talking about….”

When she said the name my mouth dropped. Oh hell no.



“Damn she fucked shit up.” Trell said when he walked in my house and saw all the damage Z did earlier.

“I know. She lost her damn mind for fucking reason.” I shook my head and went to the living room and sat down.

“She think you fucking Shay?” Chris asked me.

“Yeah, and she wouldn’t even fucking listen when I tried to explain the shit.” I sighed and ran my hands down my face.

“I know how you feel. Heather wasn’t trying to listen to me either.”

“Well I’m listening can you explain because I still don’t understand your situation.” Chris said and I laughed.

“Aight, the girl she talking about. I went to high school with her.”

“Okay, and?” I asked confused.

“Let me finish nigga. I went to high school with her. She was always my homie back then. So one time when were at the strip club I saw her. Come to find out shorty struggling, got a baby, no good ass nigga and all that. So I go there to give her some money every once in a while.”

“That’s it?” Chris asked.

“Yeah that’s it. I mean I go there sometimes when Heather on her shit just to get a female perspective on shit. But aint nothing going down with that girl.”

“Okay that explains you. Why didn’t you just tell her that before though?”

“Yeah tell Heather, I’m going to a strip club to give a chick I knew a long time ago some money for her kid? You think she gon be like okay babe.”

“Hell nah,” We said at the same time.

“Exactly, so that’s why I didn’t say anything. But she think I’m fucking around on her. I aint that damn dumb. I aint big Ant slow ass.”

“Speaking of that nigga mama T found out?” I asked Chris.

“Yeah Kai went there and cracked him in his shit then told her mom about Candace.”

“Damn she hit him?”

“Yeah, but that aint the kicker. Her moms leaves the room Kai threw a fucking vase at him.”

“What the fuck? She and Z like the same damn person. Her ass threw a vase at my damn head.”

"Nah but listen. Her moms came back in the room with a burner.”

“You lying!” Trell yelled laughing.

“Put that on everything. She shot at him a couple times but she was missing on purpose you can tell. He was walking out the door she got his ass right in his arm.”

 “Damn. She don’t play no games huh. I knew she was trill as fuck.  Kai aint like that just because her brothers.”

“Yeah shit got real.”

“What is up with Kai anyway? Why was she at the clinic?” I asked Chris.

“She said she went there with somebody else. When I asked her who she said she promised she wouldn’t tell. I just left when she said that shit. I don’t give a fuck what she promised somebody else I want to know why the fuck my wife was at a damn abortion clinic.”

“You know how Kai is with you. Keep at her she’ll crack. But you know she aint the one who had it.”

“Fuck all this for the moment. How the fuck did bitch know all of this shit? I mean think about. Her ass knew everybody’s business. But only told enough to fuck some shit up.” Trell said and I nodded.

“True. Oh well, Z and Kai fucked her up and left that bitch over there. So that’s what her ho ass get. When she get back over here she in for it if they catch her again.” I said and Chris chuckled.

“Nah, Z and Kai are not the ones she should be scared of. She better be scared of mama T. If she shot big Ant what you think she gon do to Candace ass?” He said.

“Oh shit yeah she getting fucked up. More than fucked up she gon damn near lose her life. Shit, she might lose her life.” I said shaking my head.

“But that bitch deserves. Aint her daughter the same age as yours?” Trell asked Chris.

“Yeah, so he been dipping out for a minute. That’s some crazy shit. But enough about that. What you gon do about Z?”

“I don’t know. Her ass don’t listen for shit. You know how bad I wanted to smack the shit out of her today? The only reason I didn’t is because I was fucking wrong for not telling her about Shay from the jump.”

“How we all go from being good to being fucked up as hell?” Trell asked shaking is head.

“That’s what marriage is nigga.”

“A fucking rollercoaster ride.” We said at the same time. I sat back sighing. This shit was stressing me the fuck out.