Just A Friend Sequel
Chris and Nikaiah have been through it all. Or so they thought. What will happen when hidden secrets come to the light. Will their marriage make it or will their relationship be over?

Just A Friend Sequel
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Chapter 8


“Can we eat now?” Trell said sitting down.

“Yeah greedy. Calm yo ass down.” Heather told him. Everybody was sitting down ready to eat. Even Candace came back. Where she went I don’t know. All I know is her and Zaria better not get into it. I really don’t feel like dealing with that.

“Ay Z while y’all were cooking Ty almost drowned.” Mijo said laughing.

“Fuck you nigga. I aint almost drown.” Ty said mugging him.

“Yes you did. That’s what your little ass gets thinking you could swim in 12 feet of water.” Chris said laughing.

“Man fuck y’all.”

“Aww babe, you know that was two deep for you to be in anyway.” Zaria said laughing at him.

“Y’all aint even right.” He said and we all laughed. I noticed Candace playing with the food on her plate so I cleared my throat.

“Candace what’s wrong with you?” I asked making her look up at me and shake my head.

“Nothing I’m good.”

“Oh. Well you liking my bro.” I said talking about Mijo. She just shrugged her shoulders looking at him.

“He cool.”

“So are y’all together or gon work on getting together?” Zaria asked her.

“Nah it aint gon go there.” She said and Heather started coughing.

“You good babe.” Trell asked patting her back.

“Yeah my food just went down the wrong way.”

“Why not? Y’all would be cute. I mean you’re single, he’s single. Seems good to me.” Honey said and Mijo sighed.

“It just wouldn’t work. Too different. I mean I have a child and everything.”

“So Mijo is good with kids. You should see him with Liyah.” Zaria said.

“Yeah um, I don’t think her father would like that.”

“Like what? You moving on? But you’re single. Right.” Honey said and I just raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“I mean in a way but it’s complicated.” Candace said.

“Why y’all interviewing the girl. Damn.” Ty said laughing.

“Right can we just focus on this food that’s good as fuck right now. Good job babe.” Chris said winking at me from the other end of the table. I just laughed and kept eating.

“You know what you’re right. Kai how’s your father?” Honey asked me.

“He’s aight for the most part. Why?”

“No reason just thought I would ask about big Ant. You know he my ninja.” She said and we laughed.

“Yeah I know. And your future father in-law if Eli stop fucking with you.”

“Kai shut up.” He said to me.

“I’m just saying. It’ll be good to have an official sister.” I said and Heather almost choked on her water.

“Damn Heavie what the hell?” Zaria asked.

“I’m good it’s just everything just not going down the right way.”

“Alright…Anyway, like I was saying. I’m tired of being the only girl with my big head ass brothers.”

“I’m pretty sure pops aint. You think he want to deal with another damn girl.” Eli said and I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m just saying. Speaking of fathers Candace you don’t talk about Mariah’s father much.”

“Um, yeah it’s complicated.” She said.

“I just bet it is. What’s wrong? He cheated or something?” Honey asked.

“I mean in a way I guess.”

“How do you “in a way” cheat? You either do or don’t.” Zaria said and I nodded.

“It’s just a complicated situation.”

“Oh well I’m sure you’ll get through it. Mariah should play with Liyah when we get back though. Them little girls love each other.”

“True. Maybe we could take them shopping. I saw these Prada sandals I want to get for her.”

“Prada sandals? How old is your daughter?” Zaria asked.

“Oh she’s five.”

“Yeah she’s the same age as Aaliyah.” I said.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Honey yelled.

“Okay crazy. What the hell is wrong with you?” Eli asked her. She shook her head and looked at Heather.

“You know what I can’t take this shit.” Heather said and I looked at her confused. “This is killing me. Somebody at this table got some damn secrets.”

“Who?” Zaria asked and Candace laughed.

“Oh God. Is this what the questions were about?” She said. “What happened? You heard me talking or something?” She said looking at Heather.

“That’s exactly what it is.” Heather said back to her.

“Okay so what you gon tell? But I’m not the only one here with some secrets.”

“Okay what the hell is going on?” Zaria asked.

“Be quiet. You got a damn mouth and you reckless as fuck. Let me ask you this. Did you know what your man is doing all the times he at the studio.” Candace said to her. Ty looked at her confused.

“The fuck you talking about?” He spat at her.

“You know what I’m talking about. Shay Graham ring a bell.” She said and his eyes got a little wide.

“Who the fuck is that?” Zaria asked looking at him.

“What the fuck you trying to do?” Heather asked her.

“Oh you might want to be quiet. I know some shit about you too. You and that nigga walk around like y’all relationship is perfect but did he tell you why he’s always at Magic’s strip club with a bitch named dimples. Yeah ask him about that shit.”

‘Okay what the fuck!” I yelled and she looked at me.

“Kai, you got something to tell Chris to don’t you.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked her standing up out of my seat.

“Why don’t you tell him why you were at St.John’s clinic last month. Isn’t that an abortion clinic.” She said Chris looked at me.

“WHAT!” He screamed.

“Chris it’s not-“

“The fuck were you doing at a abortion clinic!”

“So you fucking with strippers now Tarell? That’s what you doing!” Heather screamed while Candace laughed.

“YOU LAUGHING BITCH! KAI! THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE IS A SNAKE!” Heather yelled getting out of her seat. Then her and Candace were going back and forth and all the yelling was getting on my nerves. I got on top of the table and threw a glass on the floor getting everybody’s attention.


“This bitch got a daughter by your father!” Honey yelled.


“Her daughter is your father’s!”Heather yelled. When she said that everything in me went red.


I don’t know what the fuck was going on right now but all hell was breaking loose. When Heather told Kai what happen her face literally turned red. She was the color of a tomato right now.

“YOU STUPID BITCH!” Kai yelled before jumping off the table and landing on Candace. Kai was just swinging some wild shit. Every punch she threw landed and was hard enough to hear. Elijah ran over and pulled her off. Well at least tried too.

“GET OFF ME! BITCH I’M ENDING YOUR FUCKING LIFE YOU FUCKING WITH THE WRONG FUCKING FAMILY! GON CROSS MY MOTHER THOUGH!” Kai yelled as Elijah dragged her away. Candace got up while her face was leaking completely.

“FUCK YOUR MOTHER BITCH!” She yelled and Zaria jumped over the table and started fucking her up. Ty ran over and pulled her off but that was stupid because she turned around and swung on him. He grabbed her arms and pushed up against the wall.


“FUCK YOU! GOT BITCHES WITH YOU IN THE DAMN STUDIO! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” She pushed him off then ran up to Candace while she was still on the floor and kicked her in the face.

 I grabbed her and pulled her off.

“Z chill!”

“Fuck that! FUCK HIM! WHEN WE GET BACK TO LA I WANT YOU OUTTA MY HOUSE!” Zaria yelled while I pulled her out of the room. Shit was going fucking crazy right now.


“No Eli that’s fucked up! He got another fucking kid. She the same age as my daughter Elijah!”

“I get that Kai but killing that bitch aint gon change nothing.”

“Fuck that! Then he want to talk shit about something know don’t know shit about. I had my daughter around that bitch.”

“Kai just stop man. Damn this shit is a lot chill out.”  I shook my head and wiped my face.

“Eli let me talk to her for a minute.” I turned to see Chris with a hard look on his face.

“Aight. Kai calm down.” Eli said before walking out of the room.

“I’m gon ask you one time. Were you at the abortion clinic?”

“Yes bu-“Before I could say anything he punched the wall right behind me. Real close to hitting me in my face.

“The fuck were you doing there?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“What you mean you can’t? You can’t or you won’t?”

“I can’t Chris but lis-“

“LISTEN TO WHAT?! YOU ABORTED MY BABY?” He yelled in my face.



“I d-“

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! FUCK YOU KAI!” He creamed in my face before walking out of the room. I slid down the wall bringing my knees up to my chest. This weekend was just fucked up. I’m killing that bitch and my father. On everything.