Just A Friend Sequel
Chris and Nikaiah have been through it all. Or so they thought. What will happen when hidden secrets come to the light. Will their marriage make it or will their relationship be over?

Just A Friend Sequel
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Chapter 3


“Hey Candace.” I said to my father secretary when I walked up.

“Hey Kai. Your father is in there.”

“Aight thanks.” I said then walked in. When I did my father got up with a smile on his face.

“What you doing here?” He asked hugging me.

“Just came by to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“About what’s going on with you and mommy?”

“What’s going on?”

“Y’all arguing like you’re crazy. Then you didn’t even come by Zaria’s the other day. Wassup?”

“Kai you know I love you. But what happens with me and your mother. Is not your business.”

“Yes it is. That’s my mother.”

“And I’m your father.”

“Exactly so I’m asking what’s going on between my parents.”

“And it’s nothing for you to worry about. It is not your business Nikaiah.”

“When I talked to mommy I could see she was hurt and dealing with something heavy on her mind. And I want to know what it is.”

“And once again I’m telling you it’s not your business.”

“And I’m telling you it is. That’s my mother so I wanna know why she hurt.”

“Let me deal with that.” He spat.

“You obviously aint dealing with it that good. You obviously the one hurting her so I wanna know what the fuck is going on.” I yelled. I know this is my father and I love him to death but my mother? I will kill over that woman. I don’t play when it comes to mom dukes at all.

“Who you think you’re talking to Nikaiah? Grown or not, married woman and all I am your father. Watch your mouth.”

“Look I’m not trying to disrespect you but I want to know why my mother is hurt? That’s your wife you should be trying to fix it.”

“I am.”

“Don’t seem like it. From what I’m hearing all y’all do is fight. So in my mind you making it worse. Father or not I don’t give a damn if it was Jesus himself. I’m not letting anybody hurt my mother. So you need to get whatever the problem is together.” I said before walking out of the office. When I did Candace just looked at me.

“You okay Kai?”

“I’m good. Hows your daughter?” I asked.

“She’s good. She asked about Aaliyah the other day.” She said and I laughed. Candace was cool. She has a four year old daughter named Mariah. She’s a sweet little girl. Sometimes she plays with Aaliyah whenever we have the time to let them play.

“Really? Well we got to get them two together. Call me and let know.”

“Aight.” I nodded and left my father’s floor. I swear he really pissed me off. I went and got in my car then went to go pick Liyah up. He needs to get his shit together with my mother.


“Aaliyah get your stuff together. Your mother on her way here.” I said to her and she sucked her teeth.

“Why do I have to leave? I wanna stay here.”

“I know you do but I got to work and you can’t sit still.”

“I’ll be good I promise.”

“No Aaliyah you’re going home with your mother.”

“Okay, but daddy can I ask you something?”


“Can I be a singer like you and mommy?” She asked and I let out a chuckle.

“You wanna be one?”

“Yes, so can I when I get bigger.”

“When you get old enough and you want to. Yeah.” I said and she got excited.

“Yay! Billboard I mean I’m winning but I’m still bored.” She said and I cracked up.


“That’s what auntie Nicki says.”

“Oh.” I shook my head and kissed her on the cheek. “Liyah let me ask you something.”


“Do you want another little brother?”

“Yes, I miss CJ.”

“Me too. But you got to talk to your mommy about that alright.” I said and she nodded.

“Okay, daddy where do babies come from?” She asked I froze. Okay this is not what I want to talk about.


“Because I wanna know. Mommy said the stork brings them but I know she lying because auntie Zari has her baby in her stomach. So where do babies come from?”

“The stomach.”

“I know that, but how do they get there?”

“Aaliyah ask your mother that question.”

“But I want you to tell me.”

“Alright look. Babies come from doing stuff that only grown people do.”

“Like what?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“So when I get bigger I can do it?”

“Hell no!”

“Why not?”

“Because I said so.” I said and she sucked her teeth just as the door opened. When it did Kai came walking in.

“Hey.” She said kissing me on the lips then she kissed Liyah on the cheek. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t wanna leave.” Aaliyah whined.

“Oh well, you going home.”

“Why? I want to stay here.”

“Aaliyah don’t question me aight. We not doing this today I’m not in the mood. Sit your ass down and be quiet. Don’t even think about crying.” Kai said to her and she sat in the chair with her arms folded pouting. “Fix your face.”

“Damn what’s wrong with you?” I asked her.

“I went to talk to my father.”


“He gon say it’s not my business.”

“For real?”

“Yeah and I cursed his ass out.”

“You cursed your father out? And you still living?”

“Chris shut up. Yes I cursed his ass out and that’s it. He made me mad. Got my mother stressing and shit then gon say it’s not my business.”

“Kai it’s their marriage.”

“And that’s my mother. If he doing her wrong I got a problem with that father or not.”

“Just chill you don’t even know what’s going on.”

“So what he pissed me off. You know I don’t play when it comes to my mother.”

“I know you don’t but chill. Your pops aint gon hurt her. Besides I’m pretty sure you the least of his concerns. Your moms don’t play either.”

“I know. He fucks up that’s two crazy ass females he got to deal with. Me and mom dukes. I hope he knows better.” I shook my head laughing. If her pops doing some dumb shit. He in for it.



“Is there a reason you’re telling Nikaiah our business.” Anthony said as he walked into our bedroom.

“Excuse you?”

“Why are you telling Kai what’s going on?”

“First of all I told Kai was we been arguing. Anthony told her he heard us arguing. They talked about it on their own so get your damn story straight before you open your mouth.” I spat at him. Not even five minutes and he’s managed to fuck up my mood. Aint this bout a bitch.

“Who you talking to Patricia? Don’t get shit fucked up.”

“Anthony for real. Whatever bitch you around that you got scared of your ass is getting your mind fucked up. I don’t know who the fuck you think you talking to but you might want to correct that shit like yesterday.”

“So this is what this is about? You think I’m cheating?”

“Do I think you’re cheating? Nigga I think you around somebody but I don’t think you’re cheating. But if you are tell me now so you can get the fuck out of my house.”

“Your house?”

“Yes my house or did you fucking forget my daughter bought this shit and put my name on it. Oh yeah that’s what the fuck I thought.”

“I’m not about to do this with you.” He said grabbing his jacket.

“Oh that’s right Anthony. Start a damn argument then leave. Tell your friend or whatever the fuck she is I said wassup.” I yelled.

“Trish you on some other shit for real.”

“What other shit? You on some other shit. I see it, your fucking kids see it but you don’t? Anthony please.”

“I don’t know what the fuck your problem is. But you need to stop telling Nikaiah our business.”

“I’ll tell my daughter whatever the fuck I feel. She’s not a little girl anymore Anthony. She seems something is wrong and you know like I know once she gets an idea in her head she’s not going to let it go. So why you’re acting shocked about her coming to you about what she sees I don’t fucking know. But I will tell you this Anthony. You think Nikaiah is bad, remember who she came from. It’s been some years but I’m still me. So do some dumb shit if you want to. But when that shit comes out I can promise you I will make you and whoever the bitch is regret it. You got me?” I said but he stayed quiet. I took that as a yes. “You can go now.” I said sitting on the bed turning the TV on. He sucked his teeth and walked out the door.

I don’t know what’s going on with me and Anthony but I have a real good feeling. My mother always told me your intuition is never wrong. After being with this man for 34 years it would be sad if he was cheating on me.

I know one thing. If I find out some shit is going down. Lord help me, him and whoever the bitch is. I will go fucking crazy. If you think Kai is crazy for what she did when she find out about Chris and his ex some years ago. Baby girl got that from me. Her Valez blood is strong and it’s an influence on her no doubt but Kai is me. I look at her and I see myself clear as day.

All hell will break loose if Anthony is up to no good. He don’t want me to show out. He’ll live to regret that shit. That’s if he lives.